Not many people have heard about the 1968 predictions, and the growing body of evidence against contraceptives. For the dignity and health of women, this has got to stop. This is where the Edith Stein Foundation comes in to educate, advocate, research, connect, and heal.

Here are just some of goals and projects that are in the works. Please consider supporting our work.

Short Term

  • Brochure series: We’re working on smart and bright brochures on contraceptive side effects, breast cancer risks, FAQs on fertility & family planning, how to promote this message in your community, Humanae Vitae, the green side of non-contraceptive family planning and much more.
  • ESF Kits: Get your hands on bite size packs of education materials on the dignity of woman, the ills of contraception, and the beauty of fertility–for you, your spouse, a friend, your physician, your pastor.
  • ESF Podcast: Soon you’ll be able to listen to a podcast of fertility, love, family and wellness.
  • Team expansion: We’d love to build our qualified team to grow our advocacy efforts. Good people are hard to find, and even more so for free!

Mid Range

  • Youth Advocacy Programs: We would like to create community specific programs that educate youth in fertility awareness and an authentic love of their dignity, whose goal is to create peer leaders and activists in their communities and schools.
  • Family Planning Research Clearing House: There is medical, scientific and social scientific research out there on the ills of contraception and the benefits of non-contraceptive family planning, but where is it? We want to find out what good work is being done, review it, and report it in an accessible way.
  • ESF Association: We have some great friends and colleagues in the work of promoting women’s dignity, but would like to enhance this synergy by opening the channels of communication and collaboration in an engaging way. This would include conference calls, webinars, regional meetings, and eventually a national conference.

Long Term

  • Research Advocacy & Funding: There is decent research out there, but there is not enough, and there is not enough of airtight quality to get the attention of leaders in academia, science, medicine, government, and beyond.
  • Public Policy Advocacy: With research and passion in hand, we hope to support the advancement of women’s dignity and health by expanding the support structures for non-contraceptive family planning and conscience rights for healthcare workers.


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